Brethren in Christ Foundation, Inc. was incorporated on September 29, 1972 as a non-profit corporation under the name, Jacob Engle Foundation, Inc. It was originally named after the founder of the Church.

On January 20, 2000, the name was changed to Brethren in Christ Foundation, Inc. to make it very clear to the newer members of our growing denomination that the Foundation is a ministry of the Brethren in Christ Church.

In 1972, the Foundation started what is now called the Trust Fund by writing and managing planned gifts for the Brethren in Christ Church. Their offices were in Upland, Ca.

In 1976, the leaders of the Brethren in Christ Church thought it was wise to combine regional loan funds, managed by volunteers, that had been established 10 to 12 years earlier. They saw a need for standardization of interest rates, terms, documentation and professional management of the investors’ funds. The Brotherhood Loan Fund was established bringing together $3 million in regional assets under the Foundation’s management. Today the Brotherhood Loan Fund of the Foundation has approx. $45 million in assets under management!

In 1989, the Foundation moved their offices from Upland, CA., to Central Pennsylvania.