Youth Savings Certificate

Available Starting July 1st, 2024

Want to invest in the future of those important children in your life?

Youth Savings Certificates are specifically designed with those kids in mind. You are able to invest in a custodial investment governed by the Uniform Transfers to Minor Act (UTMA). Whether it’s for education, a car, or other financial needs you can find joy knowing that while you’re investing in the future of that child, you are also supporting the ministries of BIC congregations and ministers in the present.

Great for:

  • Teaching kids good financial stewardship while connecting them to the mission of the Church.
  • Financial gift option for birthdays, baptisms, graduations, or Christmas.

Benefits and Features

  • Up to $100 match for certificates opened under new investors/custodians through August 31, 2024
  • Invest additional money at any time.
  • Early redemption penalties may apply.
  • $25 minimum investment to open
  • Variable interest rate
  • Interest will be compounded monthly.
  • The maturity date will be the 21st Birthday of the minor.
  • Penalty-free withdrawals after the 18th Birthday of the child.
  • Withdrawals must be for the benefit of the minor.
  • Manage online through My Account.
MinimumRateAPY*Early Withdrawal Penalty
$255.84%6.00%182 days of Interest
*APY is the annual percentage yield, representing the effective rate of interest when all principal and interest payments are retained in the investment balance. Rate and APY as of 7/1/2024. 

Learn More

Contact Sean Kleckner for more information.

(717) 796-4788 ext. 5429