Term Certificates (SIC)

Term Certificates (SIC) offer higher interest rates compared to our other investment options. These investments have a specified term, meaning that you are committing to invest the original principal balance for a set amount of time. You can choose investment terms from six months to five years; our options are listed below. Early redemption penalties apply. 

Benefits and Features

  • Invest for a set length of time, starting at 6 months
  • Low, $25-minimum investment 
  • Higher return rates
  • Variable interest rate 
  • Interest can be compounded or paid monthly
  • Manage online through My Account
  • Early redemption penalties
  • Available to individuals, congregations, organizations, children under 18 via a Uniform Transfer to Minors (UTMA) Custodial investment, and participants in the BIC U.S. 403(b)(9) retirement plan.
$256 months3.01%3.05%90 Days of Interest
$251 year3.49%3.55%90 Days of Interest
$2515 months**4.89%5.00%182 Days of Interest
$252 years3.74%3.80%90 Days of Interest
$253 years3.98%4.05%90 Days of Interest
$254 years4.22%4.30%90 Days of Interest
$255 years4.46%4.55%90 Days of Interest
*APY is the annual percentage yield, representing the effective rate of interest when all principal and interest payments are retained in the investment balance. Rate and APY as of 12/1/2023. **15-month certificates are fixed to the rate of the certificate at the time of purchase until August 1, 2024, at which time they will become a variable rate certificate as well.

Learn More

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Ministry Certificates

Ministry Certificates are just like our standard Term Certificates (SICs) except that the owner chooses to take a reduced interest rate or donates the interest altogether for the benefit of a charity, non-profit, congregation, or organization. The forfeited or reduced interest is calculated twice a year and then donated to the entity of the investor’s choice. Contact Sean Kleckner for more information.