CTF Growth with Income

Common Trust Funds*

Growth w/Income Fund

Investment Objective

The investment objective is asset growth and protection against inflation by investing primarily in stocks, combined with secondary components in bonds and short-term/money market investments.

Investment Style

The targeted long-term allocation is 60% stock, 35% bond and 5% short-term/money market.

Investor Profile

An investor with a long-term time horizon (at least 5 years) who seeks growth and stability through investments in stocks and bonds.

Investment Options

The Common Trust Funds (CTF) investment options are comprised of funds that are selected from the broad market of mutual funds or of funds selected from mutual fund companies that make an effort to limit their holdings to the stock of companies providing goods and services benefiting society with limited negative effect to the natural environment.

Calendar Year Total Returns
as of 12/31/2022**

Common Trust Fund20182019202020212022
TM Growth w/Income***-3.47%19.04%12.97%13.49%-13.57%
SRI Growth w/Income****-0.58%19.30%17.02%15.80%-12.99%

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*The Common Trust Funds are invested in mutual funds selected by the Brethren in Christ Foundation. The Foundation will also select the mutual fund money market or bank money market for the Money Market Common Trust Fund.

**Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

***Funded on 12/05/2001

****Funded on 07/31/2005