Availability for this program is limited. Please contact your regional bishop to inquire about eligibility.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique season in the life of our Brethren in Christ congregations and organizations. We know it has been a challenge to maintain your vital ministries, particularly in cases where finances have become difficult to manage.

In order to provide some relief, the Brethren in Christ Foundation is pleased to announce a new line of credit (LOC) program designed to cover shortfalls in income during this time. This loan is a short-term LOC, with monthly interest-only payments required until maturity, at which time the entire loan must be repaid.

Please carefully review the fact sheet and application for the details of the program. (Note: There are separate documents for congregations and organizations.) We invite you to apply if you meet the qualifications to do so. PLEASE NOTE: Your application is subject to our underwriting guidelines and approval cannot be guaranteed.

It is our hope this LOC can assist your congregation or organization in the short term, so you are able to continue to provide much-needed ministry in your community.

Materials for Congregations

Materials for Organizations

For more information about this program, please contact your bishop.